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I done 35 years research on god and found god . I done 35 years research on health and found the secrete of health. I invented s-formula.  So To bring peace in the world, s-formula is made. the S-formula means save semen.  The Semen – the foundation of a male & female body. • The  Semen is like electrical current in our body.  The Semen keeps our body, hot in cold region, cold in hot region. • The conservation of semen is very essential to strength of body and mind. •  So it  is an organic fluid, seminal fluid. • So to Look younger, think cleverer, live longer and if you save semen. •The  Veerya, dhatu, shukra or semen is life. •


The Virginity is a physical, moral. And intelluctual safe guard to young man. • Semen is the most powerful energy in the world. • the  One who has master of this art is the master of all. • The Semen is truely a precious jewel. • A greek philosopher told that only once in his life time. • The Conservation of seminal energy is s-formula. • As you think, so you become. •


The Loss of semen causes your life waste. • the  Quality of your life says the quality of your semen. •  so Use semen only when you need baby. • although Waste of one drop of semen is the waste of one drop of brain. • so  Keep always the level of semen more than that normal level in your body. • and  All diseases will attack due to loss of semen only. • so  You do any physical exercise only if you are healthy. • .

Sex Power Formula  Price:

sex power formula  is widely used . You can buy this product in reasonable price in Pakistan. The price of this product is only 2500Pkr

Sex Power Formula  Benefits:

It Boosted Libido
the Advanced Sexual Desire
it is Removed Pain During The Intercourse
this product Increased Sensitivity Of Erogenous Zones

so the Proper Medicine Intake Is A Guarantee Of A Successful Treatment Course With The Desirable Consequences, While The Slightest Misuse Can Activate A Range Of Devastating Health Reactions And Complications.  so Female Libido Enhancer In Pakistan Cannot Be Used By Patients Under 18 Years Old.

Sex Power Formula Uses:

Sex Power Tablet Formula employed by men to assist them to improve also stimulate libido and increase vigor.  Although It’s made from ingredients that will help one last longer while engaging in intercourse.  so The product is often done by helping men achieve harder erections.

as It provides increased sexual potential and leads to achieving a full erection and potentate proper blood supply to the tissues of the penis.  so This formula specially formulated for those people who have short sex timing.


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  1. Hina omer

    Good resuting product

  2. Anam chudri

    Good product nice results excellent dilvery

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