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Dexe Hair Building Fiber Spray In Pakistan

Hair Fibers, also called Hair Building Fibers, Hair Building Fibers, Hair Thickening Fibers, Hair Instant Thicker, Hair Loss Corrector, Hair Fiber Powder, Keratin Hair Treatment, is a type of magic fibers, a natural solution that instantly removes the appearance of baldness and thinning hair for both. men and women. With high quality and competitiveness, our hair fibers are a new hot-selling product all over the world, especially in the United States, Europe and the Middle East countries.

Dexe hair fibers are also called hair thickening fibers, hair fibers and hair fiber oil. It is a kind of hair loss treatment, for hair loss solutions, it can help hair grow just like hair loss concealer powder. We are the original legal factory and manufacture Dexe hair fibers, we focus on wholesales, supermarkets, online sales, drug stores, we can offer OEM ODM private label hair fibers, we offer hair fibers with the best wholesale price and high quality

We have and can offer many certificates you need, our hair building fibers with the certificates of GMPC, HALA, ISO, FDA, MSDS, COA, which is verified by SGS Group and BV Bureau Veritas.

Dexe Hair Building Fiber Spray | Dexe Products

We had produced about 1000 private label Hair Building Fiber for customers all over the world. And the main market is Europe, USA, Australia.

We’re 1st factory produces hair building fibers in China. These years we’re professional on improving technology and sure to give consumer an quality insurance. We can offer a very favorable price for customers because we produce in large quantity very time.

Dexe hair building fibers made from cotton plants, very natural, safe and no side-effect. Just like our clothes and no harm for our skin hair hair scalp. It have 12 colors for selection, make sure you choose a color that is close to the hair root color since that is where to apply fibers.Hot sale color is Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Blonde, Medium Blonde and Dark Gray which depends on different market.

Dexe Hair Building Fiber Spray Benefits And Uses:

  • A safe and natural replacement treatment for hair loss
  • Incredible cotton vegetable fibers that mimic human hair for men and women.
  • Hair loss treatment for men and women
  • Natural, thick and beautiful hair with a single application.
  • Dexe Hair Building Fibers is used to improve any areas of sparse hair.
  • Contains amazing plant fibers that mimic human hair.
  • This quick and unique cosmetic solution helps improve appearance.
  • Buy Dexe Hair Building Fiber in Pakistan with Cash on Delivery Offer
  • Nowadays, a very common problem for both men and women that is bothering them a lot is hair loss. It is a problem experienced by 50% of men and women at a certain age. Lack of nutrition, environmental factors, and health problems all contribute to this hair loss problem. Now Dexe Hair Building Fiber in Pakistan is available online. It is a perfect solution for your hair loss problems. All your worries can be removed by using this simple product.

Boost your confidence with Dexe Hair Building Fiber

This product makes your fine hair thick in just a few seconds. Don’t let baldness embarrass you. It is a natural solution that provides amazing effects for both men and women. This product is not a cream or any paint. It is a natural substance that easily bonds existing hair and forms a new layer on the scalp. Your head looks fuller and thicker in seconds. It is a safe and easy to use solution today and is becoming popular because it is much less expensive but more attractive than wigs and other hair transplant solutions. Dexe Hair Building Fiber price in Pakistan is offered at a discounted price.

Buy this Dexe Hair Building Fiber Hair Locking Spray in Pakistan for Rs. 1599/- exclusively at GetNow.pk with cash on delivery and 7 day guarantee offer. We have a wide range of Dexe Health and Beauty products available online at the most competitive prices. GetNow.pk offers the best price Dexe Hair Building Fiber Hair Locking Spray in Pakistan with fast shipping to all major cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Multan, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Peshawar and all over Pakistan.

What Is Dexe Hair Building Fiber Spray ?

Hair fibers (or hair fibers) are camouflage products made from keratin protein. They are available in spray or powder form that you can spray or dust onto your scalp. These fibers contain charges of static electricity and cling to your hair, giving it natural coverage and making it appear fuller and thicker. These products are available in various shades to match your natural hair color.

How do Dexe Hair Building Fiber Spray work?

Hair fibers are made from keratin extracted from wool, rice, rayon, or even human hair. Each fiber is positively charged, while the surface of natural human hair is negatively charged (1), (2). The fibers adhere to the natural surface of the hair due to opposing charges, covering the point of thinning and giving a more voluminous appearance.

  1. Make sure you choose a product that exactly matches your natural hair color. If you have dyed your hair, opt for hair fibers of the same shade. This ensures a natural appearance.
  2. Use the hair fibers on dry hair as they cannot adhere to wet hair. Wet hair matting prevents even distribution. Avoid swimming with the product on the scalp to avoid washing it off.
  3. Do not abuse the hair fibers. Start with a little product and gradually build up to the desired coverage.
  4. Do not comb after applying the hair fibers as this will remove the product from the hair. Comb your hair first and then apply.
  5. You can also use a fiber setting spray to secure the hair fibers in place for longer. These sprays do not affect the bonds between topical fibers and natural hair.
  6. Do not use heat styling tools after applying topical hair fibers.
  7. Use a hair fiber applicator for precise application. Distributes hair fibers evenly for a more natural look.
  8. Do not apply the hair fibers on oily and conditioned hair. Oils and conditioners minimize the negative charge on the hair. As a result, the hair fibers cannot properly adhere to the strands.

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  1. Iqra javeed

    Good product nice results excellent dilvery

  2. Shan asif

    good product and hundred present results of the product work very well

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