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Eucerin UREA REPAIR  Cream

is a light and gentle everyday moisturiser for dry to very dry and tight skin. Enriched with  and , two naturally occurring compounds that bind in moisture, it instantly hydrates dry facial skin, reducing the feeling of tightness to give it a smooth, supple feel. Rough skin is also usually caused by a lack of moisture, and Eucerin UREA REPAIR Face Cream reduces roughness by maintaining skin hydration. It is ideal for use under make-up or after shaving.

The efficacy of Eucerin UREA REPAIR Face Cream, applied twice daily on the inner forearm, was tested by 24 people with healthy skin. Moisturisation and skin roughness were assessed at baseline, after 1 week and 2 weeks of treatment, as well as after 3 and 7 days after the last application.

Main Findings


  • Significantly increased skin moisturisation as soon as week 1, compared to untreated skin
  • Moisturisation gradually decreased after treatment was discontinued
  • Significantly reduced skin roughness moisturisation as soon as week 1, compared to untreated skin
  • The decrease in skin roughness was maintained throughout the treatment period
  • No adverse effects were noticed




  • colourant-free
  • fragrance-free
  • non-comedogenic
  • How to use



    1. Start by cleansing your face, then pat dry.
    2. Gently massage the cream into your face and neck.
    3. Ingredients


      Urea (also known as Carbamide) is produced naturally by the skin and is part of the essential Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) which regulates skin’s moisture content. Urea is hygroscopic, which means it is able to bind moisture into the outermost layer of skin. It is also keratolytic, meaning helps the skin to get rid of dead skin cells dead skin cells, to make it smooth again, and has anti-itch and anti-microbial properties. As a result, it improves natural exfoliation and soothes and smoothes the skin’s surface. As a substance produced naturally by the skin, Urea is well-tolerated even by dry and sensitive skin. Because all of these effects and very good study data, Urea is the gold standard in treating of dry skin.

      Lactate (Lactic Acid)

      Like Urea, Lactate (the salt of Lactic Acid) is also produced naturally by skin and is part of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) which regulates skin’s moisture content. Lactate absorbs and retains moisture within the stratum corneum, or upper layer of the skin, and therefore plays a vital role in maintaining the skin’s physical properties. Low levels of Lactate within the stratum corneum are known to be associated with dry skin.

    4. * Reference: Augustin M et al., diagnosis and treatment of xerosis cutis – a position paper, JDDG 2019, DOI: 10.1111/ddg.13906

    Eucerin UREA REPAIR  Cream Price:

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    Eucerin UREA REPAIR  Cream Benefits:

    1. Brightens skin because of its safe ingredients
    2. Hides redness and pigments
    3. Moisturizing skin for 48 hours
    4. Smoothens the skin tone
    5. Reduces symptoms of fatigue and stress
    6. SPF15 protects against ultraviolet
    7. Visible Immediately After Application
    8. Skin Regain Natural Brilliance and energy
    9. With SPF 12, 25 and 35
    10. Protects Against UVA/UVB
    11. Even Out Skin Tone because of it has added vitamins
    12. Cover Redness and Imperfections
    13. Water base makes it less greasy to use.

    Eucerin UREA REPAIR  Cream Uses:

    1. Lightens your tone.
    2. Reduces dark spots, and undesirable darkness.
    3. Provides protection against sun damage and sun rays.
    4. Makes skin unbelievably soft, smooth, and even-toned.
    5. Keeps your skin moisturized and hydrated.
    6. Although there is no particular health benefit to skin whitening, it can have a desirable effect on the skin when used to test specific skin conditions.1. Minimizes dark spotsSkin whitening creams can decrease dark spots on the skin caused by sun damage, aging, and hormonal changes. It can benefit those who want to reduce discoloration, such as age spots, sun spots, melasma, freckles, eczema, and psoriasis.2. Reduce the appearance of acne scarsSome whitening creams may help diminish acne scars. Though they won’t help reduce inflammation and redness caused by a breakout, they may decrease red or dark areas that remain after the acne has healed.

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