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Extra Hard Herbal Oil In Pakistan | Men Power Oil

is formed of special herbs and rare species extracts. It will increase blood circulation to the penis. a lot of blood offered to the penis suggests a bigger and stronger erection. This oil stimulates the discharge of the male hormone known as testosterone, which facilitates an increase a lot of the male libido and arrests the early discharge of liquid body substance Ejaculation and sexual endurance will increase dramatically.

It Increases Blood Circulation in Penis Veins Increases erection and then boosts stamina and maximizes penis size in only 3 months. Increase penis size up to 3 inches with Extra hard herbal oil within 3 months.

Penis Massage, promote blood circulation, increase the rent growth, improve frigidity and prolong sex time, massage excretory organ, excretory organ meridians, consolidate and enhance energy, maintenance of spinal decompression result, and purification of the soul.


  • Increase Organ Size, Length & Thickness
  • Increase Strength & Stamina
  • It Repairs Organ Veins
  • Moisturize and tonify the skin of the organ.

How does Extra Hard Herbal Oil Work?

  • Helps The Weaken Veins
  • Increase The Thickness
  • Increase The Timing

How to use it?

  1. Wash your organ with water
  2. Clean with a soft cloth
  3. Apply 5-6 drops on starting point
  4. Massage softly from starting point to cap with a finger
  5. Massage until oil Absorb in the skin
  6. Leave it for 4 hours for an effective result
  7. Last Step wash with warm water

3 reviews for Extra Hard Herbal Oil

  1. Zahi Munawar

    Good product nice results excellent dilvery

  2. Zahi Munawar

    Good product nice results excellent dilvery good

  3. Amna ahad

    Good product excellent deleivry

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