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Magic Hair Oil

Magic hair oil Magic Hair oil brings you the powerful effects the top special Ayurvedic herbs & seeds oils known to have a special affinity for your hair, cooked by traditional methods into a moisturising and nourishing base of sesame and coconut oils, and then infused with the essence of hibiscus flowers, also used to support the natural health of hair and scalp, supported by the cooling and cleansing effects of herbs are used to infuse the oil with qualities known to Ayurveda to strengthen and protect the hair. Used on a weekly basis to massage the hair and scalp, Magic Hair oil will support your natural thickness, color, and shine.


Magic Hair Oil Price:

Magic hair oil is widely used in Pakistan for growth of hairs. You can buy this product in reasonable price .The price of this product is =2499PKR

Magic Hair Oil Benefits:


For Thick and Lustrous Hair, Nourishing for All Hair Types Nourishes and rejuvenates the hair Supports thick, full-bodied hair Brings out the hair’s natural color and luster Promotes soft, silky, manageable hair Solution To All Hair Issues or 100% Money will be Refunded Stops Hair Falls in 1 Week,Repairs Damaged Hair & Repairs Bald Patches Rapid Hair Growth (1-3 MONTH,), Hair Strengthen, Anti-Dandruff, Scalp Stimulation, Premature Grey/silver, No Side Effects, Ancient Remedy, You will notice the difference after 1st.week of use, 6-10 Weeks to See Hair Growth if hair roots exist & oil suits to your conditions, Natural process takes its course through massage that nourish hair, Improve blood circulation, & Stimulate scalp & Hair follicles Regular Use of Oil Keeps Hair Thick, Dark, Shiny, Lustrous, Fuller, Beautiful & healthy Hair to Grow – OR- Your Money (100%) will be Refunded if you are not satisfied for any reasons. Buy with Confidence – NO RISK.



  • Herbal Solution to all Kind of Damaged Hair Issues Your hair will look Gorgeous, Beautiful, Thicker, Longer, Attractive, Healthier .Repairs Baldness, Alopecia, Thinning hair, Hair Loss, Scalp Treatments
  • Repairs Damaged hair , Falling Hair, For Strong & Thick Hair
  • Rapid Results in few weeks
  • Pure Natural Goodness We never use parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals in our products. Just the pure goodness of nature.

Safety Information


Sensitive people must check with their doctor prior to use this product. PLEASE KEEP THE BOTTLE UP, NOT LYING DOWN AFTER YOU OPENED IT TO PREVENT ANY SPILL.




100 % Natural Herbs & Seeds Ingredients: Argon oil, Almonds oil, Sesame oil,Pure Honey , Kalonji/, Flex seed oil, Neem oil, Ginger Extracts, Lavender oil,- Garlic Extracts, Rosemary oil,Pumpkins Extracts oil, Chamomile oil, Grape seeds oil,Costus Extracts, Coriander oil, Ritha oil, Coconut oil, Cucumber oil, Olive oil,Four Seeds oil(CharMagaz) , Eggs oil, Mehthi oil(Fenugreek oil ), Amla oil, Shikakai oil, Rose Extracts, Mustard oil, Walnut oil,




Directions: Shake Well before every use,For Best Results, Massage your scalp with few enough drops of Amazing Herbal Hair oil leave it for few hours or for overnight & wash hair with Baby Or Herbal shampoo 3-5 days a week- ( also you may keep oil on your scalp as long you wish to )

Magic Hair Oil Uses:

You can use it both on damp hair and after styling for extra shine and to smooth frizz. My preferred way is using it on damp hair before I blow dry or hair style, that way I don’t need a separate heat protectant. I put two drops in the palms of my hands, run it through the lengths from the ears downward and then whatever is left on my crown. (More info: My favorite tool for styling my

When used after styling it works fine at smoothing the hair, but I don’t see a difference to any other, much cheaper hair oil I have used in the past.

Magic Hair Oil Reviews:

Today is day 1 of hopefully 3 weeks if I use theology 3x a week like instructed on the bottle

As you can see my hair is short/medium length. The pic is of my hair with oil in my hair and brushed back. I applied it and then did the inversion method for 15 minutes. Gave myself a awesome scalp massage. Left it on for an hour. Looking at the ingreadints you could sleep with this in, but I am very active and on the go so that doesn’t work for but try what you know works for your hair.

I have thin hair, but I have ALOT of hair. My hair when it’s hydrated and happy has a lot of body and wave, but the summer heat drys me out and go stick straight, hopeing this will help with the texture of my hair.

My hair use to be below my shoulder blades but a freak accident burnt 18 inches off. Been trying to regrow my hair for almost two years….I needed a boost. I’m really hoping this product is the “boost” I am looking for.

Today is 7/4/16 I’m thrilled so far. The smell reminds me of a Chinese herbalist I use to see as a kid. The oil is a honey brown color. The bottle is sleek and easy to handle. The oil doesn’t come out of a pointed spout, it’s a rubber cap with a hole in it. I found its easy to just part my hair then tap my scalp. It doesn’t pour out crazy fast which makes it easy to apply.

I will add in photos as the next few days go by. Oooh a side note- my head doesn’t itch at all in fact I’m crazy super relaxed. The smell is like aromatherapy to me. I had to shampoo twice to really get clean but I also did a scalp massage in the shower.

I don’t know yet if my review will stay 5 star but I’m sure hoping it will and pleasantly surprise me.

Best of luck



2 reviews for Magic Hair Oil

  1. Zahi Munawar

    good product nice results excellent dilvery

  2. Shazia omer

    Good product

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