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Polyclover Men Delay Spray In Pakistan

American Herbal Men’s Polyclover Clovis Spray Delay Sex Products Cheap Pumps & Enlargers For Men, Male Sex Delay Spray, Anti Premature Ejaculation, Buy Quality Beauty & Health Directly from China Suppliers: 60-minute sex delay spray, new POLYCLOVER male 15ml

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What a Spray Does;

The function of psychic and somatic impulses in ejaculation. Premature ejaculation reveals the discrepancy between a person’s performance expectations and reality. Spraying Raises The Sensitivity Limit To Bring

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Product Information

PolyClover Spray

Super-power is not numb

American herbal sprays completely herbal formula

1 pack contains 15 ml Content. (can be used 30-45 times)

* 100% Natural with no harmful side effects
* Works Instantly (in 10-30 minutes)
* Significantly Improves Sexual performance of Men of all ages
* Excellent INSTANT cure for Premature Ejaculation

What is Spray?

Spray is a delay action spray to be used by men. Spray prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse ensuring orgasm of the female partner, leading to an overall enhanced satisfaction level for both partners. Spray is an external use preparation.

How Spray works;

Ejaculation is a function of psychic and somatic impulses. Premature ejaculation indicates the gap between a person’s expectations and his actual performance. The use of Spray increases the sensitivity threshold to bring slow and lasting pleasure due to delayed ejaculation. Thus Spray assists in improving the quality of sex act for both partners.

How to use Spray
Shake the container well. Hold the container 5cm away from the penis, 30 minutes from sex time, spray the penis head and coronal parts spray 1-2 down to moist

Are there any side effects?
The spray is generally safe and has no side effects. Local anesthetic should not be given to patients with myasthenia gravis, or impaired cardiac condition.

Polyclover Clovis American Herbal Men Spray Delay Sex Products Anti Premature Ejaculation, Male Sex Delay Spray, Sex Toys For Men
Cheap Pumps & Enlargers, Buy Quality Beauty & Health Directly from China Suppliers: New POLYCLOVER Male 15ml Sex Delay Spray 60 Minutes Long Delay 

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What Is Spray?

Spray Is A Delay Action Spray To Be Used By Men. Spray Prolongs The Duration Of Sexual Intercourse Ensuring Orgasm Of The Female Partner, Leading To an Overall Enhanced Satisfaction Level For Both The Partners. Spray Is An External Use Preparation.

How Spray Works :

Ejaculation Is A Function Of Psychic And Somatic Impulses. Premature Ejaculation Indicates The Gap Between A Persons’ Expectations And His Actual Performance. Use Of Spray Increases The Sensitivity Threshold To Bring Slow And Lasting Pleasure Due To Delayed Ejaculation. Thus Spray Assists In Improving The Quality Of The Sex Act For Both The Partners.

How To Use Spray :

Shake The Container Well. Hold Container 5Cm Away From The Penis, For 30 Minutes From Sex Time, Spray The Penis Head And Coronal Parts Spray 1-2 Down To Moist

Are There Any Side Effects?

Spray Is Generally Safe And Has No Side Effects. Local Anaesthetic Should Not Be Given To Patients With Myasthenia Gravis, Or Impaired Cardiac Condition.


  • Solve penile sensitivity
  • Avoid premature ejaculation
  • Penis and vagina-friendly
  • Last longer every night
  • Up to 60 minutes of pleasure

This climax delay spray from Polyclover will help you with premature ejaculation. This is a very limited offer. Order now!

If you’re searching for good numbing medication to lessen the sensitivity of your penis, it’s time for a more effective solution. Polyclover delay spray allows you to last longer than a couple of minutes. It can help you delay your ejaculation to as long as an hour. That’s enough time to satisfy your girl.

Product Description

Bottle Size: 15ml

Application: External use only

Ingredients: Pure herbal extracts, Jinzhuoye, Sichuan Pepper, Asarum, Morinda, Cnidium, Chive Seed, Cloves.

Key Features

  • Apply it a few minutes before sex
  • Non-harmful to the penis, as well as the vagina
  • Contains safe ingredients
  • Saves you from rapid ejaculation
  • Numbs over-sensitive penile glans
  • The practical solution for men with ED
  • A better erection, allows you to stay hard longer
  • Slow your orgasm, without reducing pleasure
  • Improve your sex life, solidify your relationship

Product Description

You’ve always wanted to blow her mind, but don’t know how? Polyclover climax delay spray allows you to get in the driver’s seat. That means you control your performance in bed with confidence.

As it never lets you down, you can rely on it every time. A good delay spray like Polyclover will help you save the night.

In a review of one customer, he said that he once slept with a girl he met in the bar. He was later embarrassed, as he ejaculated within three minutes; due to the excitement and penile sensitivity.

However, after he learned about Polyclover delay spray, on his next date, things changed. He started using delay spray every time he had sex and it made a big difference. Lasting longer in bed means more sex!!!

In other words, you only have a few chances to make a long-lasting first impression. You can do that with longer ejaculations and stronger erections in sex.



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    Good product and hundred present results of the product work very well

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    Good product

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    Good product nice results excellent dilvery

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    Good product nice results excellent dilvery

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