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Manforce stay long gel comprises Lidocaine and Prilocaine as the active ingredients. It prevents premature and rapid ejaculation in males, increases sex activity, and helps prolong the duration of intercourse.

  • ENJOY YOUR V: P.S. I lube You is dermatologically tested personal lubricant that provides an enjoyable and longer lasting glide vs not using a lubricant. This lube is designed to enhance your while R-E-S-P-E-C-T-I-N-G your intimate microbiome.
  • LATEX FRIENDLY: . Our gentle formula is latex friendly and is formulated with the sensitive intimate area in mind. Your V will lube you.
  • GYNECOLOGICALLY TESTED: Micro-V-iome Friendly and PH Balanced this Water Based Lube is formulated free of Parabens, Artificial Colors, Glycerin & Fragrances.
  • WETTER IS BETTER: P.S. I Lube you eases vaginal dryness and intimate discomfort. Non greasy, non sticky formula.

Sex Time Gel Price in Pakistan:

sex time gel is widely used . You can buy this product in reasonable price in Pakistan. The price of this product is only 2499 Pkr

Sex Time Gel Benefits:

  • It acts as a local anesthetic
  • The combination of Lidocaine and Prilocaine ensures the rapid onset of action, optimized penetration, maximum depth of neural blockade and lesser time of onset of numbness
  • Prevents premature ejaculation in men
  • Improve performance
  • Reduce anxiety, distress, and frustration

Sex Time Gel Usage:

  • Apply the stay long gel on the penis 20 minutes before sexual intercourse (This will increase ejaculation time by 6- 8 minutes)
  • Apply a thin layer of gel on the glans penis and distal shaft. Further, put on a condom to cover the same for 20-25 minutes
  • Do not remove the condom during the intercourse, it may allow the residual cream to wear off easily
  • The high water content of the Manforce Stay long gel allows it to penetrate the intact skin of the penis
  • Applying over 30 minutes might result in erection loss because of numbness

Safety Information/Precaution

  • Only for external application
  • Refer the label before use
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage
  • Store out of the reach and sight of the children


Sex Time Gel Reviews:

1st time – 1500mg a few hours before “happy time” and i knew something was different. my flacid penis and testes hung and had veins compared to retracted testes and “pool shrinkage”. erection was better quality, cause/ effect. after a week of 1000mg 3x per day and i feel like im 25 again. virtually no side, maybe excess gass? effects after one week. another good point is that its noticably combats chronc stress, the most likly source of my ed.

2 reviews for Sex Time Gel

  1. Samya salem

    good product

  2. Maryam nwaz

    Good product nice results excellent dilvery

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